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Presentation Titles


  • Oral presentations will be given throught Day 2 (see programming page for center-wise schedule).
  • Posters will be presented during the reception on Day 2 (6 to 8 pm).
  • We're planning to have fifteen presentations - one per center, about 20-minute each (15 slides maximum). 
  • If your center has too many exciting projects that might not easily fit into the 20-minute slot, please utilize poster presentations. 


  • Followings are currently submitted presentation titles.
  • If your presentation is not listed yet, you can directly edit the spreadsheet at here (collaborators only - login required).
  • If you're logged in (if you see [Edit] button on the top of this page):
    • You can submit information at here.
    • Please post your presentation file at here.
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