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Meeting Room Wireless Internet Connection

posted Apr 21, 2008, 1:17 PM by Jawoo Koo   [ updated Apr 22, 2008, 2:49 PM by Jawoo Koo ]
You need to set a proxy server of in your web browser:
  • Internet Explorer
    1. Go to [Internet Options]
    2. Go to [Connections] tab
    3. Click on [LAN settings] button
    4. Check  [Use a proxy server for...]
    5. Type for [Address] and 80 for port.
    6. Click [OK]
    7. Click [OK]
  • Firefox 
    1. [Tools] from the menu
    2. Select [Options]
    3. Select [Advanced]
    4. Select [Network]
    5. Select [Settings] under "Connection"
    6. Choose [Manual configuration]
    7. Type for "HTTP" and 80 for "Port"
    8. Click [OK]
    9. Click [OK]
However, don't forget to remove this setting on when you leave the meeting on Thursday! Otherwise, every webpage you're visiting will be still coming through the ICRAF proxy server..

Update: It was found that CG login credential is required to the proxy server for PC's outside of CGIAR domain. Ask Jawoo to help you on this matter.